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What is the Churchill Square Gift Card?

Apart from the most genius gift you could buy a friend, colleague or loved one, It’s a pre-paid gift card that’s perfect for any occasion as it can be used in any of our participating retailers. The amount on the card is reduced by every purchase. (Unfortunately!)

Where can I buy a Churchill Square Gift Card?

They’re available at the Customer Service Desk located on the upper mall next to H Samuel and TH Baker.

Where can I shop with a Gift Card?

At any participating store within Churchill Square. Non-participating stores: includes 3 store, Lovisa, EE, Natwest, Supercuts, Ed’s Easy Diner, Boost Juice, Holland and Barrett, Office, Chopstix, Kiko and Calzedonia.

Can I spend a Gift Card in more than one store?

Yup, you can shop in different stores in Churchill Square subject to available funds.

Can I use more than one Gift Card for one transaction at one time?

Sorry, not in stores. But you can go to the Customer Service Desk, buy a new Gift Card at the Customer Service Desk with your Gift Cards and get the balances of all the old cards transferred onto the one new one.

Does my Gift Card have an expiry date?

They expire after one year of the purchase date and cannot be used after their expiry date.

What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

You’re responsible for all transactions, including all unauthorised transactions that take place if the card is lost or stolen. If you card is lost, stolen or damaged, you should contact Store Financial (the program manager) immediately on 0845 686 2273. You will not be liable for any transactions after you have informed Store Financial of the lost or stolen card. A replacement Gift Card can be issued, however this can only be done with proof of purchase, or the damaged Gift Card in the case of a damaged card, and your full identification.

How do I check my balance?

Just visit the Customer Service Desk, phone our automated service on 0845 355 0525, or check online at www.getmybalance.com.

Am I able to refund or exchange items purchased on a gift card?

A receipt of purchase will be required by the retailer together with your gift card, even if there is zero balance remaining on it. However, any returns and exchanges will be governed by the policies of the retailer and applicable law. If the refund is credited back onto your Gift Card, it will take up to 7 working days for the balance to be reinstated.

Is there a minimum or maximum purchase spend for the Gift Card?

The minimum is £5 and the maximum is £500 per Gift Card. There is no limit to the number of cards you can buy.

How do I buy a group of cards for staff incentives?

Please contact Customer Service on 01273 327428 or email cservices@churchillsquare.in-beta13.co.uk with your enquiry.

Where are the toilets?

Public toilets are between TH Baker and Clarks. They are also on Food Quarter, down the corridor between Italian Kitchen and Spud U Like.

Where can I eat in Churchill Square?

Food Quarter has a great choice of restaurants which something for every taste. Please visit our Eat & Drink page for details.

Does Churchill Square provide free Wi-Fi?

Yes, you know what to do, just makes sure your device is switched on and enabled, select BTWiFi-ChurchillSquare, login to register and ta-da you’re good to go!

Who do I speak to about running a kiosk in the centre?

Mall Solutions are responsible for booking our mall space. Please email them on Charlie@mallsolutions.eu for all enquiries.

What time does the car park shut?

We don’t! Both Churchill 1 and Churchill 2 car parks are open 24 hours.