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September 9th, 2022 – KIKO MILANO announces the launch of its new collection inspired by responsible beauty created Blue Me Collection and a new collaboration with social enterprise Plastic Bank to help reduce plastic pollution while contributing to improve the lives of collection community members living in vulnerable coastal communities.

The Blue Me Collection presents skin, face, eyes, lips and nails products containing sustainably sourced, upcycled and natural origin ingredients and some biodegradable formulas. Outer packaging is FSC certified and made with 40% recycled fiber, while each product’s deep blue and pearl white ocean inspired inner packaging, emblazoned with a sea anemone design, follows the principles of reduce, reuse, recycle

KIKO MILANO has started a collaboration with Plastic Bank to address the recycle element of the Blue Me Collection philosophy, and the partnership will enable the collection of the equivalent of over 4.6 million single-use 500ml plastic bottles. The scale of plastic being recovered and recycled through KIKO MILANO’S partnership with Plastic Bank relating to the Blue Me Collection will amount to twice the amount of plastic than is used in Blue Me Collection packaging.

KIKO Blue Me supports the activity of social enterprise Plastic Bank, which not only helps address the negative impact of plastic on the world’s oceans and environment, but also identifies vulnerable coastlines, empowers local entrepreneurs to establish collection branches in convenient locations and helps improve the lives of local collection members. Members exchange plastic at collection branches for secure income and life-improving benefits such as health, work and life insurance, groceries, and digital connectivity.